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Richard Rasner is a professional photographer with an amateur's approach to photography:  a self-contained portable studio and point & shoot digital cameras.  He finds the approach makes the images look more real to life.  Shoots are often done "on location" and in places that the model feels most comfortable with, thusly insuring relaxed poses as well as unique settings.  Like all photographers, Mr. Rasner has a trademark design: in his case, he tends to favor the all-black backdrop and low lighting but with vibrant colors.  This creates a "signature" to his work, making many images immediately recognizable as being created by him. 
Mr. Rasner started with Nakayama Studio Designs as a proof photographer in 1997 and since moving on to independant artist his approach to the unique nude design has been very refreshing. 
Gallery shows have been held in his honor and his work has been featured in theatres, websites, and other venues. 
Freelance models interested in working with Mr. Rasner can contact him directly at 909-519-4456 (Southern California Area) or by
The Photographer's E-Blog -- An online diary of upcoming and recently completed photoshoots.  It has thoughts from the artist as he creates new & unusual pieces of art; updated very frequently.
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