So you wanna know some stuff about me eh?


To begin I will tell a little about the one and only AMAROQ as people know me online.


Born in Washington state, which is located in the USA for all who dont know. I lived there till I was 3 where I then moved to Wisconsin, and when I as about 10 years old, I moved to Neenah,Wisconsin where I currently reside.


To describe my personality… Well I am a rough,tough type. I love fighting, I am dark, and un emotional. Basically you do not want to meet me in a dark alley.



I will be adding pictures of me and such when I can.


Questions about me??



AIM SN: BlackOneHunter

Yahoo IM: UniSolMK5


I will give out my ICQ number and MSN passport on request.


Rember “Do not fear for fear is the mind killer. If  you conquer your fears you have conquered your enemies.”