U.S. Representative James “Jim” Davis is the Democratic frontrunner in the Florida 2006 gubernatorial election.  However, Representative Davis has one of the worst records of supporting animal protective legislation of any other Florida Senator or Representative.

Representative Davis supported animal protective legislation only 67% of the time in 108th Congress (2004).  In the 108th Congress midterm scorecard, Davis voted against making animal fighting a felony, prohibiting horse slaughter, and voted against increased funding for enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act.  To check out his interest group rating,
CLICK HERE.  To view Representative Davis’ humane scorecard rating, CLICK HERE.

During the current Congressional term (the 109th Congress) Representative Davis refused to co-sign the letter circulated by Representatives Christopher Smith and Earl Blumenauer aimed at seeking much-needed funds to improve the enforcement of animal welfare laws.  Although much work needs to be done to improve the Animal Welfare Act and the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, these laws substantially improve the treatment of thousands of animals every year.  The United States Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for enforcing these laws, is in desperate need for increased funding and cannot do its job properly without adequate funding.  For instance, the USDA has only 60 inspectors to oversee and regulate approximately 10,000 laboratories, puppy mills, circuses, zoos, airlines and other facilities.  Inadequate funding renders these laws meaningless, makes it impossible for the USDA to enforce these laws, and makes a mockery of the legislative process. 

The United States Senate unanimously approved the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act (S. 382) in April of this year, which strengthens the federal penalties for dogfighting, cockfighting and hog-dog fights.  Representative Mark Green introduced an identical bill in the House on February 15, 2005 (H.R. 817).  Out of 143 co-sponsors of this bill, Representative Davis was not one of them.  Animal fighting is an extremely cruel activity that serves no purpose other than to amuse barbaric, simple-minded individuals.  Almost all states have enacted legislation prohibiting animal fighting, yet it is necessary for Congress to prohibit the transport of animals and weapons used in animal fighting. 

I have personally written Representative Davis several letters regarding animal welfare issues, and have not received a single response. 

Please contact Representative Davis and urge him to support legislation protecting animals.  Politely let him know that Florida has no use for a governor who does not care about animal welfare. 

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