After over two years of a moratorium on the live trade of sheep from Australia to Saudi Arabia, the live trade resumed in May of 2005.  In 2002, the Saudis refused the shipment of 78,000 live Australian sheep, resulting in the animals being subjected to an extended sea voyage, heat stress and starvation.  Approximately 73,700 sheep died as a result of the extended voyage.  Arrangements have now been made for the sheep to be placed in a quarantine holding facility rather than being sent back to sea if trade issues arise in the future.  On May 23rd, 2005, the government launched an investigation into the cruelty of live exports, according to Animals Australia, an animal rights organization in Australia.

Animal advocate groups around the world protest live animal export.  The trade of live animals subjects them to horrendous conditions, where they are forced to go without food, water, and are often smothered to death from the cramped spaces.  For more information on live exports from the Animals Australia website,

For information on the live export of pigs from Alaska to slaughter in Hawaii,