The Captive Primate Safety Act (H.R. 1329; S. 1509) would amend the Lacey Act Amendments of 1981 to treat nonhuman primates as prohibited wildlife species under the Act.  More specifically, this bill would prohibit the interstate and foreign commerce in nonhuman primates (e.g. chimpanzees, monkeys, lemurs) for the pet trade.  Although owners of nonhuman primates may have the best of intentions, they are unable to properly keep and care for wild animals.  Most humans do not realize the aggressive and dangerous tendencies primates develop as they grow and also fail to realize that nonhuman primates can spread dangerous diseases such as herpes-b, yellow fever, monkey pox, Ebola and Marburg virus.  The importation of primates as pets has been illegal since 1975 and many states have already prohibited ownership of primates as pets.  However, because these animals are often transported between states for the pet trade, federal legislation is necessary to end this cruel practice.  For more information, CLICK HERE