The Bush Administration has recently made plans open up commercial trade in endangered species under the guise that it will promote conservation.  This strategy, which is in direct violation of the Endangered Species Act and international treaties, would allow the importation of endangered animals and body parts, yet it would take no measures to verify that the money spent on importation goes to conservation. 

There is already a tremendous problem of illegal poaching, and if the Bush Administration gets its way, it would aggravate the problem even more.  This proposal could reopen the ivory trade, increase demand for rhino horns, intensify the abduction of baby Asian elephants for circuses and zoos, and increase the transportation of endangered wild parrots for the U.S. pet industry. 

Please write to President Bush and tell him how much Americans value the Endangered Species Act and urge him not to undo 30 years of progress in endangered species protective legislation. 

CLICK HERE to sign a petition telling President Bush how much we oppose this proposal.