Quaker parakeets frequently build their nests on top of utility poles, which are strong enough to hold several hundred pounds.  Unfortunately, the nests can cause power outages and electrical fires.  To solve this problem, Florida Power & Light, one of the largest energy companies in the United States, has started destroying the nests by knocking them to the ground with sticks, which kills most of the baby birds in the nest, and then killing any survivors. 

While bird rescue groups, such as the Quaker Parakeet Society, have offered to take the baby birds from the nests before they’re destroyed and adopting them out as companion animals, Florida Power & Light refuses to budge from their policy of destroying the nests and killing the birds. 

Please contact Florida Power & Light and urge them to change their horrific policy of killing baby birds. 

Florida Power & Light
P.O. Box 025576
Miami, Florida 33102