Most people agree that it’s impossible to understand how someone could give away their loyal companion animal.  Yet ever day ads are placed in the classified section of the newspaper offering to give their companion animal away for free, to a good home.  While many of these people think they’re being compassionate animal guardians by forfeiting monetary gain so long as Fido and Fluffy get a good home, they’re actually doing their companion animals a huge disservice and placing them in grave danger.  Class B animal dealer seek out these ads as a way to make easy money.  These Class B dealers obtain the animal through the ad for free, while pretending to offer the animal a good home, and then sell the animal for a couple hundred dollars to puppy mills, laboratories for research purposes, or schools for dissection purposes. 

To help these animals, go through the classified section of the newspaper and call these owners.  Gently explain to them the risk that they’re taking by offering to give their companion animal away for free.  Maybe you can even work with them and find a way that they can keep their companion animal.  If they refuse to budge from their position, contact a local rescue group or animal shelter and see what they can do to help.  First you should check to ensure your state doesn’t sell animals to Class B dealers, and double check with the shelter itself (Florida does not appear to allow this, but check with the shelter directly). 

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