The Washington Post reported on April 5, 2005 that big-game hunters are receiving tax breaks financing their cruel game-hunting expeditions.  The only thing the hunters have to do to receive the tax break is to donate their animal mounts to non-profit organizations as a charitable contribution.  Many such organizations are really nothing more than large warehouses disguised as “museums.”  The appraised value of these animal trophies is often inflated beyond the fair market value, enabling hunters to get an even bigger tax break.  The tax break also encourages the hunting of rare and often endangered species, as the appraisal value of these mounts is very high, providing the hunter with an equally large tax break.  As a taxpaying American citizen, I am appalled that my hard earned money is being used to finance game-hunting expeditions, which many Americans find to be morally reprehensible.  I ask you to please sponsor legislation to end these inhumane taxpayer-funded hunting expeditions, which encourage cruelty and violations of international and national laws protecting endangered animals.  To read the Washington Post article, CLICK HERE.  For details on the HSUS undercover investigation, CLICK HERE.

Update:  In December of 2005, the U.S. Senate passed the Tax Relief Act of 2005 significantly closing this loophole by forcing game hunters to show proof of the value of the "trophy" donated to "museums."  Hunters will also be unable to continue to deduct travel costs.  The U.S. House does not have this language in its version of the bill.  Please contact your U.S. Representative and urge him/her to adopt the language passed by the Senate version of the tax bill which will put an end to government sponsored big game hunts.  To read a Washington Post article on this recent update,
CLICK HERE.    To view sample letters to U.S. Representatives, CLICK HERE.