On March 9, 2005 the South Korean Ministry of the Office for Government Policy Coordination recently announced plans to hygienically control, thus legalizing, the dog meat trade.

Although the consumption of dogs and cats is technically illegal in South Korea, it is not illegal to slaughter dogs and the law prohibiting the consumption of dogs is not enforced.  By taking steps to regulate and control the dog meat industry, the South Korean government is essentially permitting it.  If South Korea passes such a law, it will be the only country in the world to legitimize the consumption of dog meat through legislation.  Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines have all banned the consumption of dog meat, and recently Thailand strengthened its ban on dog meat. 

The deplorable practice of slaughtering man’s best friend for human consumption is cruel and inhumane.  Dogs are often violently beaten and hanged largely due to the preposterous superstition that consumption of flesh from a tortured animal will make a man more virile.  Most South Koreans are against the human consumption of dog meat.  If the South Korean government is genuinely concerned about the opinions of its citizens and if it is sincere in wanting to eradicate the harmful effects of the dog meat trade, then the slaughter of dogs and consumption of dog meat should be banned.

Please write to the South Korean Ambassador Hong, Seok-Hyun and South Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun and politely let them know that the world is watching and we are disgusted not only that the South Korean government announced plans to legitimize the dog meat industry, but that the government is ignoring the opinions of its own citizens who mostly feel the consumption of dog meat is wrong. 

Ambassador Hong, Seok-Hyun
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President Roh Moo-Hyun
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July 15th, 2005 was International Day for Korean Dogs and Cats.  Protests were held in front of Korean Consulates in 12 different countries protesting the treatment of dogs and cats in South Korea.  For informaiton in the success of this protest,

For more information on the consumption of dog meat in South Korea,

Animal Freedom Korea is an animal rights group in Korea that is taking a stand against the consumption of dog meat and slaughter of dogs.  They have kindly reminded us on their website to be careful to not insult the Korean people for eating dogs and cats because many South Koreans are not aware of the animal rights movement and for centuries have had no other alternative than to consume dog meat (this is all from the Animal Freedom Korea website—obviously not my opinion).  More importantly, the website suggests that letters from foreigners who criticize South Koreans for eating dog meat may actually do more harm than good because it may encourage the government to become defense to judgment by foreigners and argue that the consumption of dog meat is part of South Korea’s culture—which it in fact is not.  My advice is to come to some sort of happy-medium when writing your letter—let the government know that it is unacceptable, yet avoid direct insults and be polite and professional.  To visit the Animal Freedom Korea website, visit