How often have you seen a dog tied up outside without any food or water?  Here’s something you can do about it. 

Dania Beach recently passed an ordinance significantly limiting the tethering of dogs.  Residents will no longer be allowed to leave their dogs tied up alone during the day.  The new ordinance, which was approved July 26, 2005, allows residents to tether dogs for no more than an hour between 9am and 5pm.  In addition, someone at least 15 years old must supervise the pet while he/she is tied up.  The ordinance also requires owners to provide their dogs with clean, safe and humane conditions.  Those found in violation of the new ordinance will be subject to a $500, 60 days in the county jail, or both.  (Information provided by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel).

Please contact your county commissioners and city council members and urge them to adopt a similar ordinance.  In addition, please contact your state representative and senator and urge them to adopt a state-wide statute banning the tethering of companion animals.