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    I am delighted that you have reached this site.  I hope that it marks a turning point in your life.  If you are leaving a revealed religion, you have found a refuge.  If you have always checked the box, "I believe in God", but never went to church because of dogma, welcome home.  Here is where you can belong, and become.
     I knew I was a Deist before I knew what it Deism was.  I was a Christian once.  I stopped being a Christian after I read the bible, was shocked at the carnage and inconsistencies and started asking questions.  Questions were not tolerated and answers were not given...merely circular reasoning..."It is written, that makes it so.." logic.  I couldn't accept that and began a spiritual quest which took me to the Unitarian Church where God is sometimes politically incorrect (if you were talking to a humanist).  I never felt a true sense of joyous celebration of God.  Not worship, but celebration of life, birth, death, good times, bad times, in a community of believers united in the common bond of a belief in God.  Period.

     I became ordained to offer those who felt that a civil ceremony was the only way to get married in the bible belt, without getting married in a Christian church.  I found an exciting community of people who felt pretty much the same as I did on the internet and the end result is The United Deist Church.  Most were content meeting in cyberspace and some believed in brick and mortar churches (there is a discussion thread on the topic there).  I wanted to start one in Asheville and that is where we are now.

     I have been performing marriages for two years,  celebrations of birth, death and community.  After we get the Asheville church going, I hope to see happily married couples help newlyweds in "learning the ropes".  I hope to offer youngsters a place to grow and teens a place to celebrate their growth.

     I believe the time is now for this new phase of Deism to begin.  The founding fathers had no place to experience COMMUNITY, that is what I feel is missing in the lives of those of us who believe in God but have no means of expressing it.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Pleas sign the guestbook and if you need someone to talk to, call me.  I am on call 24/7.

     If you want to know a little more of what I offer to the community, check out the link to my other site, "The Irreverent Reverend"

     As soon as interest starts moving, we can set a place and time to meet. Until then. Please use the link at the top of the page to join Meetup. It is our best bet to get organized on a local and national level.

     In case you are wondering about the symbol, it is a Mobius strip.  What better way to represent a new church which celebrates what is infinite!

     If you want to join the discussion on Deism, go to the website and log in.

Thank you for visiting!

Rev Keith R Wright
The United Deist Church of Asheville
Deus est infinitus
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