What is a Olde Style Bulldogge?
Over the last fifty or so years many people all over the world have attempted to return the Bulldog to one of it's earlier forms. Some have tried to rebuild the dog of the bull baiting era while others aim towards a cleaned up modern Bulldog often referred to as the "English Bulldog". Most of these people set out with good intentions to recreate a healthy alternative Bulldog. Unfortunately some just copy others work with out fully understanding what was undertaken to achieve the final product. Many of these people set out using dogs that were not health certified be for being bred, while others used dogs with incorrect temperament. This has done nothing more then produce many bloodlines of alternative Bulldogges with health and social problems as well as being totally different looking from bloodline to bloodline.

The United Bulldoggers of Ontario have started to unite breeders with different lines of Oldes here in Ontario under one distinct and tight standard. With all BBBA registered dogs being health certified and breeding towards the same standard the UBO and the BBBA will in short time be produceing consistent, healthy and socially dependable alternatives to the modern Bulldog. BBBA Oldes will be bred to be as close to the modern look as possible, in short our dogs will be slightly taller, leaner and free of the "Bulldog" health concerns. These will not be large versions of the Bulldog or athletic Pitt bull type bodied Bullies. Our dogs will be of the Bulldog type found at the turn of the 20th century.
Bulldogs of the late 1800's that the U.B.O. and B.B.B.A. standard is based apon