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This is the Official Page of the United Mages. Our purpose is to Unite all the mages & practitioners of the Magickal Arts by means of friendship, kindness and help for the other magickians.
Our goal is simple and worldwide; every magickians who owns a WebSite can add the Logo of the United Mages, meaning that "Yes, dear fellow, here you can find a helping hand on the Spiritual and Magickal Path."

So, if you are involved into magick, and are willing to help another (would-be)magickian, simply add the following logo visibly on your page so that everybody will know that you are the kind of person who will take the time to give help, assistance and advices.

You are proud of what you are. Now become a proud member of the United Mages and share your knowledge...

(Save and upload the logo, paste the following code and submit the form.)

<!-- Here begins the United Mages Code -->
<a href="http://www.oocities.org/unitedmages">
<img border=0 src="mum.jpg" ALT="Join the United Mages"></a>
<!-- Here ends the United Mages Code -->

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