Our Mission
    We want to be able to unite all micronations.  They will still all be independant.  The nations can contact and have proposals or disputes.  Support may be provided for those in need, like ideas.  The micronations who join the UMN will be well recognized.

Organization Profile
The United Micro Nations have been around since May 2003.

Signing Up
Just send us an E-Mail.  Or use our on-line form.

Countries can gain alllies and enemies.  Rewards may also be possible.
Contact: Oscar S., Head
United Micronations Flag
    Welcome to the United Micronations.  As a recent micro organization, We will continue to provide a few sevices toward these nations.  We will work a little bit like the EU, NATO, and UN.
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This site should reach most major search engines by July 2003.
Copyright, United Micro Nations, 2003
Last updated: June 24, 2003
We are not a micronation.
Every micronation which joins will recieve 1000 UMN sq. miles (One Thousand United Micro Nations square miles) and 3 000 000 funds (UMN$).  These can be used to make deals or have wars.
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