The United Mtn Cur Association

Constitution & Bylaws





Article I - Name
The name of this Association shall be: the "United Mountain Cur Association."
Motto: United We Stand!

Article II - Objectives and Purpose
Section One: The purpose of this Association is: To unify the Mountain Cur Breed and promote it according to it's hunting heritage. A secondary objective is: To make every effort to draw closer together those various individuals who have an interest in the Mountain Cur Breed, for a friendly and harmonious atmosphere.

Section Two: The United Mountain Cur Association abides by and supports all State and Federal Laws.

Article III - Memberships and Dues
Section One: Any person(s) interested in and agreeing with the Objectives and Purpose of this Association may become a member by paying annual dues in the amount of fifteen (15) dollars for an individual membership or twenty (20) dollars for a family membership (family membership will include spouse and/or any dependent children under the age of 18) to the Treasurer. Dues must be paid on or before April 1st, annually (If dues are not paid on or before the deadline, a ballot for the elections will not be received). Also, any member may become a lifetime member by paying a one time fee of $300. The first 50 members of the Association shall be titled "Charter Member" and be granted all the rights and privileges of that distinction. So long as he continues to pay his dues and is drawing a breath he shall keep this title.

Section Two: Charges may be brought against any member by another in situations of fraud, theft, destruction of any property, or physical assault (while on the grounds or otherwise participating in any sanctioned event). However, burden of proof shall reside solely on the accuser and both parties shall be required to report before the executive committee for a hearing after having been given 30 days written notice of the charges. The accused has the right to be heard but shall not participate in the deliberations of the executive committee. Should it come to the point of disciplinary action, that action will rest upon the discretion of the Executive Committee and the accused has the right to be present during that vote but not those deliberations. A member may only be permanently banned by a 50% vote of the executive committee followed by a 75% vote of the voting membership (voting membership is defined as: those members who submit a vote).

Section Three: The United Mountain Cur Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, national origin, gender, marital status and/or disability.

Article IV - Officers and Board of Directors: Terms, Elections and Duties
Section One: The officers of the Association shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar. The terms of office for all of these officers except the Treasurer and Registrar shall run for two years ending on every even year, i.e. 2008-2010. The Treasurer and Registrar will be appointed by the executive committee. Likewise, the appointment can be terminated by the same with a majority vote for just cause or by majority vote of the voting membership. Otherwise there shall be no time limit on these two positions. There will also be six Board of Directors positions. These (BOD) along with the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar shall comprise the Executive Committee.

Section Two: The President of this Association shall preside over all meetings. Act as the official representative and public relations coordinator of the Association. He shall ensure that the Association is operating within the standards set forth within this document along with Federal and State Laws. The President will be responsible for communicating with the membership via newsletter or yearbook no less than once a year and no more than twice yearly except in extreme circumstances. Lastly, he will also co-sign on all bank drafts with the Treasurer of the Association and one Board member.
The Vice President of this Association shall act as an aid to the President and perform the Presidential duties in his absence. He will schedule all events and coordinate the organization, promotion and publicity of all events/meetings. He will also serve as hunt director/coordinator.
The Secretary of this Association shall maintain an accurate record of all Association meetings and make those available to all members via internet, Full Cry magazine, newsletter and/or personal request (request must be mailed to the secretary and include a self addressed, stamped envelope along with the member number of the requestor). He shall be responsible for writing or assigning a writer to the official column duties of the Association to be published in Full Cry magazine. He shall also organize and coordinate all correspondences with the membership.
The Treasurer of this Association shall be responsible for maintaining an accurate record of all fiscal transactions. He will be responsible for collection of all dues, fees and donations. He shall furnish a complete financial report at each annual meeting. He shall maintain all necessary banking accounts and co-sign with the President of the Association and one Board member on all bank drafts. This officer will have set-up for the purpose of purchasing necessary supplies a petty account of which the amount shall be set by the executive committee and ratified by a majority of the voting membership.
The Registrar of this Association will be responsible for taking and maintaining the pedigrees of all dogs submitted for registration along with answering any and all questions associated with his duties to any member. He shall if received, transfer any monies to the treasurer in a timely manner. He will be responsible for presenting to the whole membership an accurate record of each type of transaction performed by his office. This shall be a paid position and that amount will be set by the Executive Committee and ratified by a majority of the voting membership. Anything the registrar needs to perform his duties shall be supplied out of the petty fund of the treasurer. When and if the registrar relinquishes or is relinquished of his duties ALL information, supplies and components are owned by the Association and shall be returned in good faith and condition as soon as possible.

Section Three: The election of officers and board members will take place at the spring meeting (second Saturday in May annually). However, the elections themselves will only be held on even numbered years. Elections will be for: a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and three Board of Directors positions (a board term is four years with three seats revolving off every election period). Nominations may be mailed in with dues; they are due on or before the 1st of April (Membership List will be purged NLT 2nd of April). A ballot will be mailed no later than the 15th of April (with the exception of days wherein the post office is closed, then it shall be mailed the next regular business day) and may be mailed in or hand delivered (by the voter only) to the spring meeting. If mailed, it should be postmarked no later than 5 business days prior to the elections/meeting. There will be no term limits on any elected position. After the first terms of office (temporary to be filled 12MAY07) have been fulfilled, a member must have held a Board seat for one year before being allowed to run for an officer position. To be nominated for a BOD seat the member must have been a paid member for 5 consecutive years or be a Charter Member. The Executive Committee will compile a ballot by selecting the 9 nominees with the most nominations for Board of Directors and 3 nominees for each officer position with the most nominations.

Article V- Meetings
All annual/stated and regular called meetings will be held in "open air" and in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RORN) 10th ed. unless otherwise set out within these bylaws. (BOD meetings are not considered stated or regular called therefore aren't subject to these rules. However the BOD can not vote on any amendments or revisions of the Bylaws unless at a stated or regular called meeting. The BOD may use conference calls or "Private" internet forums for simple discussions or meetings.)
There will be a fall and spring meeting held annually. The fall meeting date will be set by the Board of Directors and the Vice President. The spring meeting/elections will be the second Saturday in May.

Article VI- Breed Standard and Registration Requirements
Section One:
1. Color: Black, Blonde, Blue, Brindle, Chocolate, Red, White, Yellow and variations of these colors are permissible.
2. Head: Wide with short heavy muzzle, sculptured in clean lines without jowls or excess flesh preferred on the sides or under the eyes or temples preferred.
3. Lips: Medium thickness, firm of line and fitted neatly without folds at corners.
4. Nose: Square preferred over round with nostrils well opened.
5. Teeth: Strong, well formed and aligning in a perfect scissors bite.
6. Eyes: Set well apart with inner and outer corners on same level, never slanted.
7. Ears: Attached high and be in full control when alert.
8. Chest: Broad and deep, moderately curved ribs.
9. Neck: Strong and well constructed, not too long.
10. Back: Broad and strong, straight and never swayed.
11. Legs: Straight and muscular with strong bone, set for speed. Also, they must be parallel to medium line of body.
12. Tail: Natural bob or full is preferred. Full skeletal development is desired, do not breed continually for bob and develop short skeletal issues.
13. Feet: Cat paw type, not flat and well muscled. Dew claws are owner’s discretion.
14. Size and Weight: Due to the versatility of this breed and the different uses that it is often used for it is impossible to set an optimum size limit. With this in mind the standard will be height and weight proportionate to size.

Section two: The only requirement for single registration; the Mt. Cur to be registered must be proved to have descended from the first 200 dogs registered in the Original Mountain Cur Breeders’ Association (BL numbered dogs). Burden of proof will rest solely on the member registering the dog.

Section Three: All fees relative to registration will be set by the Board of Directors and subject to change.

Article VII- Amendments and Ratification
Section One: Amendments of the Bylaws must pass a majority quorum* vote of the Board of Directors and Officers. Then it must be presented to and passed by no less than 2/3 of the voting membership.
Recommendations for amendments must be presented in writing to the Board of Directors at any stated or regular called meeting and have no less than 10 current member signatures.

Section Two: These bylaws shall become effective upon a favorable 3/4 majority vote of the charter members.

* All Quorums will be set at no less than 60%.

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