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United Pagan Ministries
A Member of Cornell United Religious Work

United Pagan Ministries was formed to provide services, education, support and advocacy for the Pagan community of Cornell University and surrounding Ithaca and Tompkins County, NY. UPM also seeks to provide education and resources concerning Pagans and Paganism to other religious organisations and to the community at large. To this end, we sponsor a range of activities including our Paganism 101 workshop series, and are developing a growing collection of Pagan books and written resources housed at the Durland Alternatives Library. UPM has been a member ministry of Cornell United Religious Work (CURW) since December of 1996.

United Pagan Ministries is dedicated to promoting understanding of Pagan religions in today's world. As a collegiate Pagan ministry, UPM is also dedicated to furthering recognition and serious study of Paganism within academia. Ever since its founding, UPM has been interested in the potentials inherent in networking with other Pagan ministries and organizations at colleges and universities. In our efforts to create such a network we came upon the initiative to create the Collegiate Pagan Alliance Network. UPM is pleased to be one of the seven founding member organisations of CPAN.

UPM is an interfaith ministry, and any member of the community who claims a Pagan religious or spiritual identity may affiliate with UPM, so long as they abide by the statements of philosophy in the UPM charter at UPM functions and while acting as representatives of the ministry. UPM events and rituals are open to those who wish to attend, as are the weekly meetings of the UPM Board. United Pagan Ministries operates by consensus at all gatherings.

If you would like to offer comments or suggestions, are interested in scheduling a workshop, or would like more information please feel free to contact us.

Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY 14853

email: pagan@cornell.edu

the CURW phone number is (607) 255-4214

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