KhiemTran> the point is u are a sucker LOL <+[RiP]KurtCobain> take it like a man ITS LATIN DERITIVE OF BLACK NOOBS hooligan i my friend, u made a mistake <+[RiP]KurtCobain> and you are a swallower <+[RiP]KurtCobain> point and counter point <+[RiP]KurtCobain> now stfu i call him whatever he want, he don't care and u act like a fag <+[RiP]KurtCobain> that dont matter and ban people for no reason <+[RiP]KurtCobain> 1 simple rule on main <+[RiP]KurtCobain> dont use racial slurs <+[RiP]KurtCobain> thats it u are a loose screw, get off for a while Whats the philosophy behind that Kurt its a place of friendliness ain't it <+[RiP]KurtCobain> if you cant follow 1 simple rule to play game for free you have issues what rule u don't follow ur own rules <+[RiP]KurtCobain> and we ask our friends to follow the 1 rule we have <+[RiP]KurtCobain> in AOK its way worse tell me why u gotta call me names and shit hey kurt i would ask how your night is goin but from what is see i can already tell <+[RiP]KurtCobain> be happy there is only 1 rule Kurt thats really encouraging but your one rule is cencorship on one of the most popular words on the internet lol. u only aggrivate problems and u know it <+[RiP]KurtCobain> and not argue it like a 6 year old kurt tell me im asking u questions Argument is not childish Quibbling is childish why u aggrivate problems and shit <+[RiP]KurtCobain> if you cant live with searing and claling eachother all hideous sorts of name <+[RiP]KurtCobain> with the exception of racial slurs What about free-speech? While we are committed to the principles of free speech, certain activities may be damaging to the resources of both IGZones and our communities and cannot be permitted under the guise of free speech. <+[RiP]KurtCobain> you have problems i wasn't swearing with anyone <+[RiP]KurtCobain> too many for me yto address Because Kurt is like all humans, quite stupid, and also, not keen to enforce peacability but the rule - as ridiculously as he can was i swaring with anyone? <+[RiP]KurtCobain> if you dont like it go to gsa <+[RiP]KurtCobain> there is 1 rule only u are the one that make people made and shit <+[RiP]KurtCobain> dont use racial slurs **mad <+[RiP]KurtCobain> if you do you have problems <+[RiP]KurtCobain> if you dont play on wow , u r lame Khiem its obvious bye fucker Nigger beats ones <+[RiP]KurtCobain> your the lamest of anyone I know On googlefight They are jealous <+[RiP]KurtCobain> you cant adhere to 1 simple rewuest to play a game for free that no one else would host <+[RiP]KurtCobain> we host this game cause we love it <+[RiP]KurtCobain> we pay the cost and make the client <+[RiP]KurtCobain> all we ask is not to use racial slurs <+[RiP]KurtCobain> and thats too much for you point is simple: i don't respect your attitude, neither does anyone else <+[RiP]KurtCobain> after all we dfo to keep this game alive for you to enjoy hey kurt what he do type the n word but made it to were the filter couldnt **** is out <+[RiP]KurtCobain> then say teh N word and I'll ban you <__SmaSheR__> 19 <+[RiP]KurtCobain> end of your porediciment <__SmaSheR__> no <__SmaSheR__> i said the n word <__SmaSheR__> ban me good <+[RiP]KurtCobain> you werent warned 3 times no need for that racial crap <+[RiP]KurtCobain> he was <[GzE]HARHARHAR> who cares if some1 says it <__SmaSheR__> blow me <+[RiP]KurtCobain> you wish find it <+[RiP]KurtCobain> your to ugly <__SmaSheR__> you're* <+[RiP]KurtCobain> whatever <__SmaSheR__> i'll correct your dumb ass NOOBS <[GzE]HARHARHAR> can i call u a cracker <+[RiP]KurtCobain> dream all you want PUSSYS 1V1 NOOBS <+[RiP]KurtCobain> youll what my ass? I WIN I BEAT ALL 1V1 NOW hey min how are u kurt, u host this game? u host ? or does people with talent host it <+[RiP]KurtCobain> this game is hosted by the staff <+[RiP]KurtCobain> with staff resources and staff effort <+[RiP]KurtCobain> so we have 1 simpl erequest yea they ask you to keep the lobby with no argument you are the center of it <+[RiP]KurtCobain> and if you dont like the 1 simple request we dont force you to be here i was here for one reason <+[RiP]KurtCobain> no we ask not to use racial slurs to play games with friends and kick that azz <+[WGF]JeanneDarc> Kurt is not the only one here to enforce the CoC. <+[RiP]KurtCobain> and if you dont like the 1 simple request we dont force you to be here i was here for one reason <+[RiP]KurtCobain> no we ask not to use racial slurs to play games with friends and kick that azz <+[WGF]JeanneDarc> Kurt is not the only one here to enforce the CoC. <+[RiP]KurtCobain> and if you cant handle that then go elsewhere whereelse? <+[RiP]KurtCobain> figure it out go to gamespy u noob gamespy <+[RiP]KurtCobain> if you dunno anywhere else then just behave and follow the 1 simple request <+[RiP]KurtCobain> doesnt take a rocket scientist at leaste game spy don't have kurtkobain but they don't have good players <+[RiP]KurtCobain> so go then <+[RiP]KurtCobain> see ya <+[RiP]KurtCobain> dont cry cause you got muted for using the N word im not here to play u fuck <+[RiP]KurtCobain> then evaded that mute and got 15 min ban <+[RiP]KurtCobain> so leave once again, i wasn't evading <+[RiP]KurtCobain> yes you left and came back i was leaving and comin back in to see if i could chat again... simple truth <+[RiP]KurtCobain> that is mute evade <+[RiP]KurtCobain> yeah to evade the mute booger where r u <+[RiP]KurtCobain> duh fucker, i was gonna leave again, how many times i gotta tell you so u can understand it <+[RiP]KurtCobain> what part of mute evade is puzzling you <+[RiP]KurtCobain> you did what you did <+[RiP]KurtCobain> you got what you deserve now your angry about it? what part dont' u understand? don't matter if i got banned... i really wasn't evading ur gay shit <+[RiP]KurtCobain> and I'm the bad guy <+[RiP]KurtCobain> what part didnt you ok listen who's hurting more? me or you? pssst not me, u gotta be here forever <+[RiP]KurtCobain> look I aint hurting at all <[-WTF.]Critizin has deserted the Lobby> <+[RiP]KurtCobain> I play the game and dont use racial slurs <+[RiP]KurtCobain> its simple i can leave this place and live normally, u are stuck here forever bitch behave <+[RiP]KurtCobain> you do the crime you do the time don't get into fights with players that play this game <+[RiP]KurtCobain> ok bye <+[RiP]KurtCobain> see ya jus sit there and moderate don't argue <+[RiP]KurtCobain> playing poker and ror isnt sitting there snook a slut <+[RiP]KurtCobain> I did moderate 19 <+[RiP]KurtCobain> and thats what your crying about hey panda i wasn't crying about it lol how are you panda tell this bitch <+[RiP]KurtCobain> go make a complaint on forum if your so disturbed by my moderation tell him why did he ban me for caling u a nigga <+[RiP]KurtCobain> dont drag it out on main <+[RiP]KurtCobain> last warning <[20k]snAkeArM has deserted the Lobby> for what panda is in game otherwise he say sumthin and u gonna get hurt <+[RiP]KurtCobain> ok na nite so hows yr nite been goin kurt lol NOB