The F.U.'s were one of the greastest hardcore bands of all time. They were there from the beginning. Part of the X-Claim crew, they helped put Boston hardcore on the map. The F.U.'s had their own sound. Not even today can I think of anyone one that plays shit like this. Hell, click here for some of their music and take a listen for yourself. You can still find some of their music out there. Newbury Comics just re-released This Is Boston, Not L.A. on cd. Go buy it and check them out. Plus, you can take a listen to Jerry's Kids, Gang Green and a bunch of other bands on the cd. By doing this page, I hope I can enlighten the masses to a hardcore band, when hardcore was real. Further down the page are some mp3's of their music.

Check out for the FU's My America/Kill For Christ re-release. It is probably your only chance of finding something on vinyl from the FU's.


John Sox - Vocals

Steve Grimes - Guitar

Wayne Maestri - Bass

Bob Furapples - Drums


This Is Boston, Not L.A.(Modern Method)

Kill For Christ (X-Claim)

My America (X-Claim)

Do You Really Want To Hurt? (X-Claim)


Click here for some music and lyrics from the F.U.'s.