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We are a collective of activist involved in the distribution of anti-authoritarian literature in the Hampton Roads area. We also host ocasional movie screenings, currently at the U-R-R Apt/ infoshop and Larchmont Library. We were also involved with the now defunct  Norfolk chapter of Food Not Bombs. As our society destroys not only itself but also the very earth that sustains us we think its an important 1st step to inform folks of the situation we face. We've set up literature tables at events throughout our region as well as events throught Virginia and NE North Carolina We hope to be able to get a space in the near future and will accept donations of any kind.
"Beyond the Ballot" CD
The Feral House, NC
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In addition the th "Southern I", The only indy political paper in the area, Hampton Roads is now online in the IMC network.
  The IMC gained notoriaty during the IMF/WB protest in Seattle in 99 by allowing anyone to upload newstories and having up to the minute coverage of the demonstrations. So when CNNwas saying that rubber bullets weren't being fired and the polices were so well restrained, there was live footage of police shooting rubber bullets and brutalizing the demonstrators. All of this was documented and so began the birth of the indymedia movement.
     Hampton Roads Independent Media Coalition is a website  where we can post news, announcements, opinions that are relevant to our communities. Please help take part in building community media so there is an alternative to the consumer driven corporate news which ignores the interests and needs of working people in an never ending seach for ratings and profits.Meetings are held on the 3rd Thurs of the month at Hershees Bar at the 5 Points location of Norfolk ( next to the Farmers Market)
    The website is still getting some finishing tweek and glitches worked out , so please be patient w/ us, or use the time to write your story, announcements, or whatever else
Don't Hate The Media Becme the Media!!!
"Don't Vote,Organize!"
26pg booklet on why not to vote
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"Anarchism: It's Aims, Principles, and Methods Explained"
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Virginia Mountain Justice organizing call for Hampton Roads
There is an ecological manmade disaster of geologic proportions occurring in the rolling mountains of the southern Appalachians, its called mountain range -- or mountain top - removal. It is the ultimate in theft of a people's heritage -- the destruction of watersheds -- and the annihilation of one of the most diverse places on earth. And the perpetrators are turning it into the biological equivalent of a parking lot. The theft of our mountains is escalating as the coal companies strive to outdo one another in their orgy of destruction. Folks in Hapton Roads can organize to help raise awareness of this in our area! 
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