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Hehe, been a bit too lazy (and busy) to update the site... but here I am now, updating the site. Well, lets see... Finally the end of first semester of my Gr. 12 year. English provincial on Monday (27th) but I don't know how to study for it... so... yah, lets cross our fingers hopping that I'll pass the test. Anyways, I took Career Prep this year, and currently at my work site. The owner was nice and they let me play on the computer cause I finished all my work... hehe ^^ lucky! Well, Career Prep is going well... cause of my dads' connections. Info Tech Management on the other hand... I dropped from 88% to 84% because of one darn final exam... grr!! Japanese 11 went well... THANKS TO ANIME! hehe~ This prove that watching 1 year of anime, then going into Jap 11 would do you good instead of going from Jap 10 straight to Jap 11... but of course you can start from gr. 8, then you can challenge Jap 12 lol~ Anywho, English is a killer... I have this super nice teacher, but the thing is, she also marks super hard. Ah well, I think my writing improved... I did the mock exam on Friday, and I passed it! So hopefully I'll pass the real one @_@
Oh, and I also got a weekly job as well... as a house maid... thanks to my dad once again! The pay is quite nice, so *shrugs* why not? ^^V I am desprate of money... especially after my dad gave brought me a car! ^^

Recent obsessions: Lost Merc! The revive of old v2 is back! Wohu!!! ....Anime... must... get... more!! Reki from Haibane Renmei is cool as well~ Much like Motoko Aoyama too... look wise... Hmm, lets see, Motoko Aoyama,  Reki, and Sakaki all look very familer, and they are all my fav. characters... I think I see a pattern!

Pass obsessions: Motoko Aoyama!!!!! She's still an obsession... just less...

Recent troubles: Passing English prov! @_@

Wisdom: To be a master, you must be a servent. To be the salt of the nation,  you must be the salt of your household!
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