Unity NH Historical Society
Chase's Tavern Restoration Project

Restoration of Tavern Finished, Move in Complete

Chase's Tavern 2001, Unity NH

Proposed New Town Offices in Chase's Tavern

Finished New Town Offices in Chase's Tavern

  1. Plans and elevations for proposed restoration
  2. Old Pictures of the Tavern 
  3. History of the Property
  4. Status and Future of the Tavern Project
  5. Draft Historic Structures Report (Excerpt)
  6. Progress Report for January 2002
  7. Before Pictures of the Tavern
  8. Original Floor Plans
  9. Local Area Map
  10. Satellite Photo of Unity Center 1998
  11. Section of Map of Sullivan County, NH 1860
  12. Town and City Atlas of N.H. 1892
  13. Maps from 1988 Survey
  14. Warrant Article as Passed
  15. A Patchwork of old and new   
  16. A Modern Heating System   
  17. Work Begins on the Tavern  
  18. New West Wing   
  19. New Library    
  20. Pictures of Finished Tavern (New)
  21. Unity Town Hall Bell Tower Restoration Web Site

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Publications Available 

Lecture on Stone Walls of New England, August 14, 2002

How you can help on the Project

Participate in the Project by contributing to the Chase’s Tavern Restoration Fund of the Unity Historical Society. 


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