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Revised 25 Mar 09
All recordings and music on this site are subject to copyright protection.  They are available for private or non-profit use.  Please contact Unity School of Christianity, Australia for permission for commercial use.
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We hope you enjoy listening to our presentations and that they inspire you on your spiritual adventure. 

Barry and Janine's lessons provide metaphysical insight into the Christ way of life, seen through the Unity perspective of our human experience and our journey in spiritual awareness.


Janine's spotlights offer an overview of  particular aspects of metaphysics and Unity's teachings. 


Barry's music compositions serve a dual purpose:
   a.    To provide modern uplifting music for our services  and mellow, reflective  music as an entry into meditation and sitting In The Silence;  and
    b.    To provide relaxing music that can be played in the background as you go about your daily activities or to simply sit, relax, listen and enjoy.
Original CD's of Barry's music are available from the Unity office.  Copies will be posted on this web site, however their quality may be somewhat restricted.

These Guided Meditations and Prayers are provided for your use 24 hours a day.    Beginning with statements of Truth, they will lead you into a brief time of "Sitting In The Silence" (1-2 minutes), and then close with affirmative statements which you can use in your everyday life.

All our Unity resources are designed to support you and to encourage you to live a life of peace, joy and happiness, as you fulfll your spiritual potential -

Christ in you your hope of glory!
                    Let Christ be formed in you!

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