Citizens Petition for a West Coast
Unitary Council or Councils

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Please return to: PO Box 418, Greymouth, 7840 by 1 June 2009. Thank you.
We the undersigned and electors in the Grey, Westland & Buller Districts, herewith, in terms of Section 1(4) of Schedule 3 of the Local Government Act 2002, request the Local Government Commission to form one unitary authority for the West Coast region or abolish the West Coast Regional Council and allocate its functions to the current three West Coast territorial authorities, making them unitary authorities.
Over-governed with four councils for 32,000 population; Greater efficiency gains; Financial savings; One stop shop for consenting process; United West Coast working together; Better value for ratepayers; Accountability with no duplication.
Proposed By :
Tony Kokshoorn & Alan Birchfield, Arthur Foster, Brian McCarthy QSM, Gareth Thomas


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