sexual universe
Bill Wright, cover artist

In a decadent future, humanity struggles to cope with an inborn narcotic addiction to sexual gratification--a legacy of their ancestors' genetic engineering--while those with the willpower and the vision strive to restore order and morality to a carnally obsessed society suffering from centuries of stagnation and threatened by explosive population growth.

A group of sexually enhanced heroes work for an agency that investigates sex crimes and threats of a sexual nature. Their foremost opposition is the vast black market empire, a galactic superpower that caters to society's undeniable needs with a powerful incentive to maintain domination over the most profitable business to ever exist: The irresistable desire. Their other challenges include an alien encounter that could forever alter humanity’s sexual future, or even end it, and the return of the ancient gods who put humanity on trial for immorality, their survival depending on the verdict, and on a desperate plan in case they lose.

Along the way, they must confront many other crises, from enhanced deviants with powers that rival their own, to the seeds of corruption everywhere, even within their very own organization, all the while dealing with their own personal struggles in a universe both seductive and dangerous.

A graphically erotic science fiction adventure that explores the many different definitions of morality, the ideological struggle between the opposing political forces of hedonistic exploitation vs moral oppression, and the limits of humanity’s will to resist temptation, survive abuse, overcome injustice, and live with the consequences of its actions.

Book One:
The Empire
Book Two:
Alien Invasion
Book Three:
Judgement of the Gods
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