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Aka, the spiritual messengers of God, arrived  in 1970 with "a sign in the heavens for all to see"
Listening to Aka, spiritual messengers of God
      Near Christmas 1969, a new comet became visible in the sky, which grew brighter until Easter, March 29, to early April, 1970. The brilliant light in the heavens was the most spectacular comet of the century. With the light, Aka, the spiritual messengers of God arrived and began to speak through an instrument in a town appropriately named Globe.
    "We are not great; we are but messengers of God, and we are here to prepare a way...."
     "We have come but for one purpose, and that is for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. And we say unto you, all of you, open your door that we might enter, and therefore, there can be a place prepared within each of you for his coming." 

       [To read and hear their words, please click on the comet above or the photos below.]
When he should first appear unto the Jewish people -- and they shall see him first -- he shall be standing upon a cloud, and the Jewish nation in their despair shall kneel before him.
Now is the time of the Cherub, but we bring upon your earth a new Book with wings.
We have found it necessary to speak in your tongue, of your language.
The words are copyrighted 2000 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.
     April 13, 1970, the spiritual messengers of God were asked: "I wonder if you could tell me if there is any relationship between the comet which appeared in the east a couple of weeks ago and your coming?"
"For in God's plan -- as I have told you before that God's soul is like the pebbles of a brook, that man's spirit is like the pebbles of a river, that man's soul is like the pebbles of an ocean -- in God's plan, not only here, but in many places in your world, your coming has been announced -- your coming of the mighty sword and it's meaning, the sword which cuts two ways, and both sides shall cut. If you should read of the book of Revelation, think of your horse, for now is the time of tne red horse, and his passing is for all man to see. If man heeds God's warning and should see from the light in the sky, the God may take His many children to His mansions and weep no more...." (See The Revelation 6:3-4, 19:11-16, and 21:1-7.)
"As I have spoken before of the great sword, you group shall develop in many places across the world because your word and your work shall spread.
       "You ask if this new comet were part of our coming, and I shall say, yes, for there was a sign in the sky for the enlightenment of man's souls. Many shall grow restless, almost for hunger for these words. Heed them. Give them readily. Do not be afraid."
      April 3, 1970, the voice that had whispered before was recorded: "Body -- soul -- spirit -- God! Many worlds -- many universes -- many galaxies, like pebbles on a beach; so vast. Each galaxy set up for man's expansion."
"Which is most important?"
"Who is God?"
  "God is everything."
Not one thing?"
Not one thing, but everything. God is -- is God!"
"[Who] do you want to tell me about?"
"In the beginning -- in the beginning God gave man spirit because he was lonely. Then man's spirit was not enough, because spirit always knew of God -- in spirit -- so many spirits -- so many, many spirits.
       "Then God thought, 'I SHOULD [MAKE] MAN, FOR I HAVE USE [FOR] THIS...."
Before, before there were many gods, like
our God; before [the two] worlds, many worlds...."
"Why can't I call you Ray?"
"Ray is of this plane. I, by my name who speak through him...there to guide him, that others may learn through him, that they may learn a way to God...."
       "His missions and my mission are to bring man back to God. For when he awakens he will have new knowledge that he has not had before, for he will be able to think of things I have thought of and to think knowledge -- will be closer to God. Closer to God."
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"Speak unto your Father as you would speak unto yourself, and therefore, your Father shall listen.""
"Love is God and God is love"
"As a good Father, He has hidden nothing from His children"
"We have come but for one purpose, and that is for the preparation for the  coming of the Messiah"
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