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Founded in 2001 the label initially took shape within our own heads. After a year of contemplation we released the now legendary UCRLP001, a split LP featuring the genius of The Bomb Circle and Pot Washers Union. The airplay the record recieved on Sir John Peel's wing-ding proved to be all the incentive we needed to carry on. 2 additional vinyl's later, the beginnings of the Sub-Zero Series a top notch comp and further airplay by John Peel FAB and a continued interest from various quaters has cemented our belief that we must be doing something right.

Irrelevant Fact : Despite sounding like a refrigeration company the label name was in fact inspired by The Third Eye Foundation's Universal Cooler 7" on Planet Records.


Goodbye John


Special discounted prices for the 12"/LP vinyl releases -

3.00 GBP UK

price includes post and packing!.

If that doesn't tempt you then why not take advantage of our bundle deals the 3 UCR 12"/LP vinyl releases to date for -

7.00 GBP UK

again P+P included.

UCR releases now available digitally (VBR MP3) through emusic - if you are in any way musically curious/adventurous then it is well worth spending a bit of time checking this place out. More My God!! than i-pod.

Universal Cooler Records in conjunction with Spooky Kermit records present the 5 Bomb Circle full length releases to date for immediate download at emusic.com

Lightweight (2000)
Empty Clouds (2001)
Derivatives (2002)
One Less Soul To Cure (2004)
Resurfaced (2005)


All UCR releases now available digitally (VBR MP3) through emusic


UCRLP001 The Bomb Circle/Pot Washers Union Split LP

Botulism, Buttocks, Brogues all these words begin with B yet none of them could describe the BomB Circles penchant for cloak and dagger electronica, Hammer Horror or Bora Bora Borealis - you decide. Flip over for the Pot Washers comprehensive lesson in 25th century dub, a classic slab of SCI-FI for whatever planet you come from... Like Bonging a Henry in one hit before burying the dog 'its all good fun'

Price: 3.00 GBP/UK

Availability: Limited To 150 Copies

UCREP002 Mike Mcdonald - 16 Bit Wav EP

Mike Mcdonald fresh from his Salo release gives us 6 tracks of fractured deep-dubbed techno, full on Bass and crunched beats, think Kowalski chewing the fat with Exos whilst Morgenstern brews a fresh one.

Price: 3.00 GBP/UK

Availability: Limited To 200 Copies

UCREP003 K. Ravi - 'So Salty' EP

What can be said about K. Ravi, some people write tunes like others breath air, Ravi has managed to cram the full breadth of human emotion into 6 tracks, an extremely playful and soulful record thats not without its dark corners, you would have to be one stony faced bastard not to love this EP.

Price: 3.00 GBP/UK

Availability: Limited To 200 Copies

5" CDR

UCRCD004 The UCR Compilation

A plethora of artists give us a schizophrenic yet strangely coherent mix of tracks. Initially released in batch of 100 copies and distributed freely they have now all but disappeared.

Tracklisting :

Polyidus - take me

K. Ravi - twinkle

Mr Oatmeal - cost me a ton

Pot Washers Union - dubheadz

Bitstream - eno's corridor

Jet Propulsion Laboratory - if you build it they will come

The Grand Poobah's opulent den of iniquities - heaven is a FULL pipe

Mike Mcdonald - untitled

Cogent - vacant

The Bomb Circle - pushed to the margins

SubVersion - d'or belle

Burn - listen to her

Petanque - summat


Availability: Re-issued exclusively on emusic

UCRCD005 Polyidus - Night of the BumbleBee

Dark Abstractions and Sonic Tapestries

Price: 4.00 GBP/UK

Availability: Limited To 50 Copies


3" CDR


UCR0C Burn

Burn kicks off the Sub-Zero Series with a record that has a real ebb and flow quality to it, it reels you in as though you were the fish gladly being hoisted along with a hook in your mouth to the mud caked banks of the shore, savouring the sense of helplessness and the intricate details as you periodically break the waters surface. At which point the 20 minutes is up and you are forcibly yanked from the water before being blugeoned to death, skinned, filleted, gently fried in butter and served on a bed of rocket leaves with a sprinkling of parsley - nice!


Availability: Re-issued exclusively on emusic

UCR-1C SubVersion

Prepare yourselves for a Bass-ting as Sub Version gives us the briefest of glimpses of his bottom-end. Massively warm basslines broken with the most melodic of sensibilities this release still has the power to destroy. Batton down the hatches, strap yourself in, ensure you wont be hit by falling debris and press play.


Availability: Re-issued exclusively on emusic

UCR-2C Polyidus

You know the feeling...for instance - that fella sitting opposite you on the bus, picking his nose, not a care in the world..you've got to ask yourself, is he REAL?, is this Bus REAL?, am I here for a REASON?. Do the lines on my face really portray the life I have been living or is it merely a reflection of an image I am meant to percieve?. The tiny threads of doubt gradually weave themselves into a cloak of uncertainty re the authenticity of the moment. Does there come a point when we choose to ignore the inconsistences that may reveal a truth some of us may not be able to bear?...So there you have it 21 minutes of inane musings courtesy of Polyidus a definite case of Ruffage vs Spliffage.


Availability: Re-issued exclusively on emusic

UCR-3C Petanque

Its later than you think, it must be. The light filtering through the kitchen window has adopted a green tinged hue, time to scrape the nicotine, sticky like treacle, from the glass.

It had been early afternoon when you arrived home, stopping for a couple of jars on the way to aid the recovery. Figuring you'd have a bite in a bit, your 1st port of call being finishing the spliff you couldn't get a handle on the previous night.

How long had you been there? face pressed against the cool tiles, observing the remanents of long forgotten meals slowly festering beneath the oven. You'd remembered it all then, the minute details, a strand of hair, a voice, a tear...all those things you'd kept buried.

Your heart lurches, was it remorse, the overwhelming sense of loss, or was it the speed kicking in. The events replay themselves flickering and bleached as though filmed in cine, making all your summers 1975.


Availability: Re-issued exclusively on emusic

UCR-4C The Bomb Circle

From Minimal Rave to Haunted House The Bomb Circle makes a triumphant return to UCR with a retrospective breakdown spanning 9 years work. If you are not yet acquainted with The Bomb Circles enchanting compositions then this could prove the perfect introduction, those already familiar with The Bomb Circle will not be disappointed.

Contact The Bomb Circle here


Availability: Re-issued exclusively on emusic

Emusic Exclusives
UCR Digi-7"/12"/LP

UCRDLP001 Polyidus
UCRDTW002 Audio Cephlon/Leonardo's Robot
UCRDLP004r UCR Compilation
UCRDLV005 UCAllstars (LIVE)

UCR/Spooky Kermit

UCRSK001LP The Bomb Circle - Lightweight (2000)
UCRSK002LP The Bomb Circle - Empty Clouds (2001)
UCRSK003LP The Bomb Circle - Derivatives (2002)
UCRSK004LP The Bomb Circle - One Less Soul To Cure (2004)
UCRSK005LP The Bomb Circle - Resurfaced (2005)


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Incidently if there is anything going down in your neck of the woods that we should know about for Pete's sake (Pete's tied up in the basement) let us know, every useful piece of information we get brings Pete closer to seeing the light of day again, if we deem the information to be of particular importance it will be posted on the site.


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Tatsuhiko Asano - Genny Haniver will prove to be one the most definitive records of the 21st century, words could not do it justice, it really needs to be heard (by everyone). For everyone who knows the record the good news is that Tatsuhiko is working on a new release..details to be announced, in the meantime keep upto date with news at Tatsuhiko's site.

more to follow...


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