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Remember this is not a movie site of spielberg !!

Though Spielberg's movie is coming back in March, We are here to give you the information
of real Extra Terrestrials, and UFOs seen by some people

All The Reports Have Resources

This web site contains some pictures of UFO and E.T. , also the UFO news as they are reported.
Be ready to face reality and find out the truth whether it is a reality or not !!

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Some Reports On E.T. Presence

October 8 ,1999 UFO Caught In a Video Tape And Shown At FOX NEWS...See That Video Tape

UFO Activities In 1999

A Report Of UFO Crash

Farmer's Story About His Experience of E.T.

Operation UFO Majority

A UFO Story

Pictures Of  UFOs

Pictures Of The UFO From UFO BBS

Some Breaking Documents From N.S.A

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Some Reports About Extra Terrestrial

Are The Aliens In The Bible??

E.T.Craft Components-An OverView

Is Government Watching UFO Activity??

Extraterrestrial In Human Form

A Brief Summery Of ExtraTerrestrial

Time Splicing -Code Name SHADOW

Time Splicing-How Old Are You?

A Breaking True Story Of E.T. : UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area:Contact Since 1955

Part1Part2   Part3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

Well this web site contains the best materials from various UFO And E.T. Web sites... As one can
see we have try to find out the truth by analyzing these reports from different refocuses

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A Major Addition To Operation UFO

This Reports Are Not Created By Universal Experiment... The Best Reports Have
Been Taken From The Best Resources

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