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This site will be devoted to the lovely fan fics of Roswell, by all those great writers out there.

I will have every type of fan fic on this page, but NC-17's will be placed on there on own spot that will not be in with the rest of the fics. I'm sorry, but it has to be that way. There are too many complaints about NC-17 fics out there, even though there is a great demand for them.

Thank you for stopping by, please check back for up-dates. :)



Here you can find the new fics that have been added to the site. Find out, where they can be found and what this fic reader and site owner dubs them to be. :)

'bullet'Submission Area
Here you can find the rules and the e-mail address to send your great fics to. So please drop in and check things out.

'bullet'Author's A-I
Find the stories from Authors names starting with A to I. So if your favorite author is in here, come on in.

'bullet'Author's J-R
Authors names beginning with J going throught to R. Check them out, great fics all around.

'bullet'Author's S-Z
In here are the great authors with names starting with S and going to the end of the alphabet Z. So pull up a chair and find some great fics.

'bullet'Variety Fic's
Here you'll find NC-17, Unconventional, Slash and anyother type's of fics that are sent in. Warning you must be over 18 to be able to read the majority of these fics.

This is the place to look for links, affiliates and any awards this site may recieve.


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