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08 October 2006 - I began this website 6 years ago when I was about 15!  If anyone is on this site still, you're great!  I've been so busy with everything from work to lifting, I've had to put aside my martial arts due to lack of time.  Anyway I'd like to update this site on a regular basis again and I'd really love to start training again, I just don't know how I can fit it in yet.

28 July 2004 - This site will hopefully be gaining momentum this fall.  I have been going to college fulltime through the summer, while working 30 hours/week; therefore, I have been a little to busy to update this site.  So look for changes really soon!!

29 July 2004 - Hey Everyone!  I am going to have a break in semesters starting Aug. 5.  During that time I would like to start a new page, where any of you guys currently involved in Kempo can submit pictures and have them posted on a page!  So if you would like to, then attach them to an email an send them to me at

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