I started to get involved in this mysterious web about 9 or so years ago after an interview that was run on A Current Affair in 1998, actually it was pre this, to be exact more like when this story was being investigated.

It intrigued me so much that I used my position to find out as much information as possible. This woman they called a cult leader, Natasha Lakaev also intrigued me.

I know journalism comes in varying forms and a lot of the time is to bring people a story, with most of these organisations it's more 'entertainment' based than the truth based and because everything is so intricately tied together if you happen to dig below the surface and uncover something....where you end up depends on how much further you keep digging.
It's not so bad now the 'Packer Empire' has changed, I don't know if James has carried on the same wheeling and dealing as his father because I've been in hiding for quite some time.

My interest in Universal Knowledge (then Life Integration Programmes) was sparked when sudden media attention was directed toward an unknown organization and woman (Natasha Lakaev) calling her a cult leader and her concepts a cult. The intensity with which the slander was aimed at Natasha Lakaev and Universal Knowledge (Life Integration Programs) prompted me to look deeper.

Quite quickly it became obvious that a sophisticated cover up was being incepted along with the ‘framing’ of an individual. The fact that the article titled ‘Camp Hell’ (see link above entitled Courier Mail) as published in The Sunday Mail in 1998 and that other footage was splashed across the television screen via Ray Martin and A Current Affair was appalling and a massive abuse of media rights.

I have cumulated a large archive box of evidence and from what I have seen, I have had good reason for not coming forward to this point. Although as mentioned, now that Packer is dead things may be different.

The people involved in discrediting Natasha Lakaev and Universal Knowledge (Life Integration Programmes) are criminals and extremely dangerous, cleverly using Ms Lakaev as a diversion from the real issue.

The larger picture incorporated Kerry Packer, Nicos Alexander Violaris, Sir Julius Chan and the Sandline Affair in Papua New Guinea. The book ‘The Sandline Affair’ by Sean Dorney delves into the worst crisis faced by PNG since their independence with the use of mercenaries to end war on Bougainville and reopen the islands rich copper mine.

Sean Dorney warned us as journalists not to touch this topic as those who speak about it seem to simply ‘vanish’. It is interesting to note that not one person would put their name to an article in fear of losing their job or being smeared in a similar fashion to Ms Natasha Lakaev (via Packer).

When you look at the big picture of how things occurred, Natasha Lakaev truly should be commended for allowing her name to be utilized in this way as it meant that her family and friends would remain safe. Although if it weren't for the paranoia of a man attached to her closest friend, Kula Violaris, these situations it seems, would not have occurred at all.
Even after my own close scrutiny of the facts and trying to determine the story I cannot broaden my mind to take in the advantages &/or disadvantages in the way Natasha Lakaev conducted herself throughout this period.
I myself have never attended one of these courses they insist are all about mind control, cult behaviour and stealing your money but I have spoken to a few people who have.......
I can understand why Nick Violaris would have been concerned for his safety given that his wife had the potential to tell a lot of things to a lot of people that could have deadly ramifications on his status and life.

Those closest to Kula accepted their responsibility for silence on the issue in order to protect their families and friends.

Why should these people be punished for being loyal to a family that has been through so much. Why should they be denied friendship and help because of something that has happened through no fault of their own, but through the ignorance of a woman called Kula Jacobi (nee Violaris).

Kula actually used the environment to relieve her own consience and in doing so put the Lakaev Family and many others at risk

This illustrates a strength and unwavering bravery from a woman who stands by what she believes. I have decided to step forward at this point as I believe Natasha Lakaev and her family has been through enough. Far more than anyone should endure in one lifetime.

As a frequent scanner of the internet I have noticed there are a few spics and specs of people who are determined to keep running on the cult information without really having the full story. This is no threat but they are endangering people's lives as well as their own and that of their children.