Make Your Own Cd , Dvd - Printer

Easy As 1 , 2 , 3 ...

Don't Have Alot Of Money To Spend ? Then These Instructions Are For You . These Instructions will explain step by step ( with pictures ) , how to make your own cd printer . Which can be used for personal use , or even you independant musicians who make their own cds. ( Question - Does This Print Directly To The CD , Without Having To Use Labels ? YES )

All you need for this project , is of course our plans-instructions , a basic back paper feed printer like canon Or epson shown above , a few free hours of time and your every day basic tools around the house .

For 19.99 you can own these very same intructions , which will save you hundreds of dollars and still will work just as good & professional as a cd printer you would buy from the store or online. On the right you will see a example of what you can do with your very own custom made cd printer . The only differance is , your will come out 100% better since we used a online picture and printed into it ( disc can be printed onto its surface like shown or you can use white label cds ). Heres your chance to brag to your friends about owning a cd printer , we guarentee associates will not know the differance .

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