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In Your Eye
Go find out the results of the UWR's first ever PPV, Xtravaganza.


Truebular Terry
If you are new to this site, this is the news center of the UWR with backstage man Tru Dat Terry telling you all the latest news of the UWR, so check it out!

Truebular Terry


Owner's Commentary

Get news straight from the owner himself. UWR's "state of address" amongst other things. Click the link below to enter this new grand addition....

Owner's Commentary


When Worlds Collide
That's right, UWR's second ever PPV, Deadly Sins, has been changed to When Worlds Collide, when the JwF superstars will be taking on the UWR superstars to see if Insomnia or Jeremy Lubash owns the federation and it's name. The WWC page is up, so go check it out, and customize your desktop with WWC wallpaper!



Site Updated (10-24-01)
- WWC confirmed matches


UWR Champion
 Donny Dreamer
Intercontinental Champion
Slim Jim
Special Stipulations Champion
Dr. Thunder
Hardcore Champion
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