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Welcome to The Alpha Male!

Warning: This website links to adult, heterosexual fan fictions of the Harry Potter character Remus Lupin. If content of this sort offends you or you are a minor please go somewhere else.

Attention Authors! Have you written a fan fiction starring Remus Lupin and a female character from Harry Potter? Send me the URL addresses of where I can find it uploaded and I will add the link(s) into the archives. Hopefully this will make fan fictions with Remus Lupin involved in a heterosexual relationship easier to find!

For now the fan fictions with R and NC-17 ratings are being accepted. Any lower rated fan fiction do not send in yet. For now I am concentrating on the bold fics. *winks*

Perhaps as the website grows I will except homosexual content too, but for the time being (and since slash is easier ... for me at least ... to find on Remus) this site is focusing on our beloved werewolf and the ladies.

Please, no Original Female Character pairings.

(Layout Information: The picture used was drawn by Heather Campbell.)


14.10.08 Update: New links added. Tonks (4); Hermione (1).
13.10.08 Update: This website is just one big link archive of Remus Lupin fics with the ladies. Due to the disappearances of many archives for financial reasons, and others that are on the way of disappearance, I have decided to start uploading them on this website. If you wish to have your story uploaded here, it must be located on at least one other website and you must submit permission for this site to upload it.
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