UPDATE: I am officially accepting applications from people who use their neopets stores for their homes for their dragons. If you do this though, you MUST know how to upload images to your shop.

On summer break with your parents, you are sitting in the sun, trying to get a tan. Bored out of your mind, you tell your parents you are going for a walk. "Be back in an hour hon, we are going to the resteraunt to meet your grandma," you mother says. You mumble ok and walk off down the sandy beach. You walk along, occasionally stopping to pick up a shell to look at its beautiful colors, or grabbing a pebble and chuck it into the rocky waves of the ocean. The sun beating down on your head, you sit down in the sand, digging your feet into the sand. You lay down for just a second.

You open your eyes to see nothing but little light specks in front of your eyes. Sitting up suddenly, realizing you fell asleep, you rub your eyes furiously. The little specks don't go away. Opening your eyes wide, you notice that you are not where you were when you fell asleep. Your surroundings are much different. For one thing, behind and to both sides of you, there are rocky cliffs, completly unclimbable. In front of you is the ocean. Taking a deap breath of salty air, you stand up.
"Pesky spots!" you mutter.

"We're not spots!" Several little voices pop into your head as the little spots back off enough for you to focus better on them. They are not spots, you now can see, but little tiny sprites! You back off, tripping on a turtle, and falling into the ocean. The little sprites giggle and point at you. You get up and glare at them.
"What do you want?" you growl angrily at them. Now it's the sprites' turn to back away.
"N-n-nothing. We found you, and brought you to our home, where it is safe from the evil creatures. We thought you might want to come to our little lagoon. Maybe even to adopt a dragon?" the little sprites question.
"A dragon? Sweet!! Where!?" you ask. The sprites point over your shoulder. You turn around to see four wooden signs with curious little symbols on them.
"I can read them. What do they say?!" The sprites look at eachother, and float over to the signs. They all start to swirl quickly around and around the four signs. You now can read them.

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