;Authenticity Guidelines

Uncle Beau, OJ, and Sgt. Angus

(ideas by John Pillars, Frank Aufmuth)

For any of you wishing to join the 1st Iowa Regiment of Volunteers, Company K, AoP, for Wilson's Creek, be aware, there are requirements to be a part of this Regiment before you show up at WC2K. This is to avoid all misunderstandings and embarrassment later.

Iowa's Native Sons some of  the best living historians. Some of us are  "Campaigners", "Authentics", we take our hobby seriously. We take great pride in our impressions, we expect  a lot of first person at the event. It is very difficult to do first person but you should make the attempt. We will not be there to "change " the event or put others down. It is up to us to instill the climate for our immersion. We are the army of Loyal-to-the-Union Iowa farm boys who are anxious to see some excitement before it is all over.

If you make the drive down to Springfield, expect to participate in a great event. The sponsors will be working hard with us, so let's do our best and Do It Right.

Your Servants;

Angus, OJ, and Uncle Beau Peep


Being the 1st Iowa, Company K, will require some work on your impression. Some will need the Grey pull over battle shirt and most will have NO jacket at all.  We are going for the Iowa Militia soldier look. The 1st Iowa was not issued the Blue Frock coat and Hardee hat or kepi. So,No kepis, Civil War Gear, U.S. Sack Coats, very few if any military weapon that postdates an 1842, no breech loaders, etc. They are all unappropriate for this event. Plus, the regiment had been in the field for months with out  any resupply for worn out clothing. So a ragged and hungry look is a dead-on impression.

Likewise it is hoped that our members in this regiment realize that modern eye wear, any non-period footwear (modern combat boots, tennis shoes), watches, or other farby stuff will not be used here.

There will be an inspection Friday and Sat. morning and the incorrect stuff will be removed to your car please. Once again we don't want to exclude anyone, and certainly don't want anyone embarrassed. However those  who have worked hard on our impressions expect the best from the rest of  the  Iowa boys.


Flintlock conversion encouraged
No cutdown longarms.
U.S. M1816- M1822 flint/percussion smoothbores
U.S. smoothbore M1842

.58 Cal Rifled muskets allowed, but use would have been minimal.


According to current event rules, cartridges carried inside a linen haversack or bag must be inside a cartridge box within the bag.
Cap pouches must be Mex War or earlier design but it is historically accurate to keep them in shirt pocket.
For scabbards, if needed use 2-rivet or sewn scabbards.
No Enfield-style boxes, scabbards or snake buckles


Tin drum. (tin flask is documented)
Private purchase tin filter version.
"Mexican War" gourd.


Plain cotton/linen bag with pewter/wood button or roller buckle attachment.
Limited carpetbags.
No U.S. haversacks, no tarred bag with untarred sling.


Blue civilian  wool blankets are documented (also pre-war vintage in various colors).
quilts from home.
Use of knapsacks are discouraged, any knapsacks should be of M1833 'Mex War or Kibbler' design.
Groundcloth should be painted/tarred canvas variety (no Federal  gum blankets). They hadn't been issued


Limited. Use of flys encouraged.
Anyone with a proper wedge (A) tent with right poles/stakes can make use of it.


More details to follow on AoP rations. There have been rumors of live chickens being foraged by our best in that area, Private Josiah Muntz. We may want to supply our own, Meat, bread, vegetables, coffee, salt, sugar, rice, etc. what ever may have been foraged from the locals.    You may want to bring food for Friday's march

Missouri State Guard items.

Cravats, tin cups, coffee pots, playing cards, dice, writing kits, toilet kits, gun cleaning tools, testaments, letters from home - all welcome!!!
As this is a citizen army, they carried plenty of excess baggage. You are responsible for your own stuff. Pack accordingly. Items could include: civilian clothing, lanterns, cookware, household items, chairs, stools, books, crocks, brooms, trunks, etc. Nothing valuable!
Those planning on cooking chickens need to bring big enough cook pots.
No canteen-halves.
These State Guards were traveling HEAVY!

But 1st Iowa marched 48 miles in 24 hours, they would not have had much extra by now.               Remember that and pack accordingly.