Hello and welcome to the little known senshi shrines. Most of these are characters from the Manga that never appeared in the Anime, and there are some (like the Animamates) that people just don't know that much about. I did not include any Scouts from the musicals. There are other pages for that. In the character shrines you will find pics info, and links to other sites about that character. If you have any questions than please e-mail me.
Sailor Galaxia : Chaos : Diana Fairy : Sailor Iron Mouse : Sailor Aluminum Siren : Sailor Lead Crow : Sailor Tin Nyanko : Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion : Sailor Chi and Phi : Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne : Diemos and Phobos : Channel and Gutchichi : Asteroid Senshi : Sailor Kakyuu : Cauldron Guardian

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