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ULTIMATE THUGBUILDER, 1000thugs.tk: Anyone can join
Welcome to my 1000thugs.tk. This site has proven to add hits to your OutWar account. All you have to do is leave this Thug Builder open. Every five minutes a popup from the people on the list will appear. Visit this page as many times as you can so you can help your fellow OutWar peers. When the size of the database increases the more hits you'll get a day, this will make your gang bigger and thus you get more money! Please pass this link on to your friends so we can get more people in our database.

We also have a cool new forum which you can access by the links above.

There's no reason to wait, sign up today to start earning hits! Click Here To Sign Up


There is now a Mirror at http://www.brinkster.com/1000thugs/new.html Please save this link incase of server overloads or bandwith is full, all the links off this builder are put onto the mirror but i am not able to put it in a popup window yet!

Updated: The Mirror is up as i have mentioned above and some more music has been added to the music player!

Still To Come: Better graphics and an automatic thugbuilder and a music player on the actual builder!


Woohoo!! Weve come along way!
Me and my new team are really workin hard to get the Forums up and running and we are also looking for affiliates and new music to put on the music player to the left so if you wann affiliate please create a banner roughly the same size as the ones to the left and email it me to SHANE-D-PAIN, please include your sites andress and please add the banner on the left by either using the html code or linking it to http://www.1000thugs.tk

If you would like us to host you a forum for your crew site or for any other purpose please contact us at the same email address as above or on msn messenger @ shane_theden@msn.com all forums will be free of charge!

Updated: The bugs on the music player are all fixed [finally!] and ive added a new menu.

Still To Come: I need to finish off my downloads page and i feel that the sign up page need a certain some speacail added to it!


New Site Layout I finally made this site a better layout, Hooray!!!
I used to update each message by rewriting the index page but I finally got around to making it automatic, which will make it easier on me.



To link to us using the above image, please use the following HTML coding...

SEND TO AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE the more ppl that are added and the more ppl who come here the more clicks YOU get, AND DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP!

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