A Tale Of Two Sisters [ATOTS]

a korean movie. hoooookeeeeeeeeeyyyy. most people i know who watched this film ended up confused. so if you havent seen it yet, here's a very useful advise: things will take a very unexpected turn two-thirds of the way through and the remaining third requires concentration otherwise, you'll end up with even a vague idea of what really happened.

the movie begins in a psychiatric ward, a doctor preparing for an interview with his patient who turns out to be a strange looking young lady whose face is hidden behind her long hair. the doctor asks her a few questions to which she never responded to. finally, the interview ends with the doctor saying "tell me what happened that day". the scene fades to be replaced by the view of a car window travelling through a what seemed to be a country side. promise ang ganda ng tanawin dun sa lugar na yon. finally they arrived in a big old house. and here we will be introduced to the two sisters, Su-Mi [she's pretty...] and her younger sister Su-Yeon. tapos they enter the big house after wandering around a little and inside we will all be introduced to their up-beat stepmother. its pretty obvious din na the relationship of the stepmother with the sisters is not good at all. that same night something enters Su-Yeon's room, pulling her blanket. tapos Su-Mi gets a terrifying dream [thanks to a little inspiration from RING]. and a strange dinner party [i prefer to call it strange as i cannot classify it as frightening or terrifying]. ayan. you'll definitely wonder why the father seemed unaffected by the conflict of her daughters with her new wife. watch it to discover the reason cos i cannot continue anymore as i will spoil the fun of watching the film. eto pa ang isang question, why do the two sisters, particularly Su-Mi, hates their stepmother so much?

there are a few scenes that doesnt really link to the story itself like the first scene where something seemed to be lurking under the water while Su-Yeon dangles her feet, the bloody thing na mukhang menstration na nabuo [hehe...] na nakuha ni Su-Mi sa fridge nila... eion. they dont really have anything to do with the story but i guess it was there to help build up the 'suspense' atmosphere.

if you dig films with good stories that requires concentration and some effort to think about the events in the movie, give this movie a go.