Eye, The | Jian Gui

Hong Kong. ang story ng The Eye ay simple lang.

a blind woman since birth named Wong Kar Mun [Lee Sin-Je] gets a corneal transplant which should completely restore her eye sight. while waiting for her operation in the hospital, she meets Ying Ying [Yut Lai So] who is undergoing chemoteraphy at the same time awaiting her surgery because she has brain tumor. The operation, carried out by a top eye surgeon Dr. C.T Lo [Edmund Chen], appears to be successful. althouh mejo hindi pa clear ang vision nya. heniwei...

on the first night after the surgery, she has a weird experience: she hears a strange groaning sound coming from across the ward. the old lady who occupies the bed opposite her is making the odd noises, saying “… I’m freezing…” Of course, with her significantly diminished vision, Mun is totally confused as to what’s going on… until the old lady disappears and reappears with unnatural speed behind her, scaring her. Mun watches in fear as a mysterious black figure leads the old lady out down the hospital corridor, and the pair of them pass right through the double door at the end. when Mun wakes up the next morning, she sees the hospital porters removing the old lady’s corpse from the ward, covered by a sheet. she asks the nurses about her strange experience of the night before, telling them that the old lady had had a visitor in the night, to which the nurses reply that no visitors are allowed in the wards after dark. buti na lang malabo mata nya at di nya nakita yung babae ng matino kasi kung ako yon, diyoskeh! baka ikamatay ko yon.

For short, nakakakita sya ng mga multo na nakikigulo sa kamunduhan.

wala naman akong prublema sa movie na to. no violent reaction on my part... it has a beautiful story. mejo emotional dahil nga sa condition ni Mun at ni Ying Ying. the fright factor is present. definitely.

so yeah... Jian Gui - a nice modern ghost flick armed with a good story.