I shine sapatos. Repair sapatos!

Welcome to the new improved personal homepage of KIT [v.4]. its been a long time since i last updated this site. lam nyo na... school, raket, barkada, pambababae. hoookey! finally summer vacation na. weeeeeeeee! kaya eto, may update na ko. if you're an old visitor, you'll most likely notice one of the changes in this site. *sigh* fine! alam ko namang hindi mo alam kung ano bago eh. nakanaaaaaaaam... "excessive use of our language, tagalog." po.

dahil sa kawalan ng magagawa at dahil sa kagustuhan kong mag update, ive managed to come up with new contents such as 'Movies'. so click on my menu and go there to find out kung anong kalokohan yon. of course anjan ang bago kong Lit Shit, April Fools [tagalog] which i recommed you to read and learn from it. of course i have some new lyrics here, there and everywhere. hanapin nyo nalang. nga pala, one of the victims of the changes ive made in this site is the poems portion. shempre i also have new poems... anjan lang yon sa tabi-tabi.

and also, you can now view my weblog and see kung ano na nangyayari sa buhay ko [not that you care...]. so eion. in the idea of promoting the PHILIPPINES, i snatched a page from kuLetz, NOYPI ASTIG! make sure to check it out. once in a while we should show the NOYPI inside us kaya tingining siyet drop by and learn about our culture dammit!

pag umulan na ng pera sa banda dito, may picture gallery na ko. pag hindi, wala kong picture gallery. *sigh* i accept donations. if you have a lot of money and you wish to help an impoverished little dyke, e-mail me and we'll work something out. hehe...

o shaks... thats all i can remember.

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e-mail: choose between my yahoo and lycos.