Unmei: Q & A About Lesbianism

Q: What is a lesbian?
A: female homosexual. a woman loving woman. a woman involving in a sexual relationship with another woman. a woman attracted to another woman. eh... go check your own dictionary for a formal definition. im too lazy to get up and get mine.

Q: Do you like men?
A: well... id take this question thinking that 'like' is used to mean romantic or sexual way. my answer of course is NO. eh, duh! i am a lesbian. i only get attracted to women and yes, that means i only want sex with women. dun take it negatively though. its not like i hate men or sumthin. its just that... dicks doesnt turn me on. and yah, i dun care how big it is.

Q: Do you hate men?
A: look, the stoooopid thinking that lesbians are man haters has got to stop. just because im not attracted to guys doesnt mean that i loathe them. they exist, fine. same as any heterosexual, the only time i would actually hate a person is if that person did something wrong to me or to anyone close to mym heart.

Q: Why do lesbians try to act/dress/look like men?
A: okay. so i guess i am supposed to explain myself now since i am a butch and butches are the ones being tagged as the lesbians who are trying to act/dress/look like men. first off, its not like i want to look like a man. i never wanted to become a man in the first place. for me, its all about comfort. skimpy clothes just doesnt make me feel good. i dont act this way coz i wanna make an impression. my gestures and interests are naturally inborn. yes, even before i realized i am a dyke.

Q: Why did you become/choose to be gay?
A: see i woke up one morning and thought to myself how fun it would be to be gay. i would love to experience the discrimination. ya know, those name callings, people misunderstanding you. to have people tell you that you are like this coz you're gay. have guys rape you, have people tell you how sick and perverted you are. lose the women you love coz her family doesnt want their daughter associating with a fag... get my point? its fun right?

i didnt choose to feel this way. if there's somthing i have chosen in this dyke life of mine, its setting myself free from my inner homophobic. its choosing not to give a fuck about what other people say and knowing within myself that there's nothing wrong with what i feel. i didnt choose to be gay, i believe i was born this way.

Q: Why are people gay?
A: eh... i dunno. who cares anyways? gays exists. deal with it. if you cant handle it, it aint my problem.

Q: What do you get out of being a lesbian?
A: well... if im lucky, id get to have a woman who will love me and respect me for who i am. id get loving days for as long as we're together, id have someone i actually want to spend the rest of my life with, id get great sex and a reason to smile in the middle of a bad situation. if im unlucky though, id get turmoils of headaches, damn days that would actually make me wish for the world to explode into ashes, id grow old alone... cold and lonely, lousy sex and to just want to fade away and die in the middle of a bad situation. see how normal it is? doenst really make a difference if you're straight or gay. we all love. we all have our own fair share of glory and strife.

Q: I'm male who is attracted to women. Can I be a lesbian?
A: if you're a guy playing dumb, get outta my face. i aint got no time for dumb dicks. but if you're a feminine guy (kindda like the cross-dressing gay guys) who likes women, then... i dunno how to classify you. ah well, who needs labels anyways?

Q: Which one is the man in the lesbian relationship?
A: no one. DUH! we are lesbians, like both females? haix... but answering this in the level that you would assume i would sink into, no one is required to play roles in a lesbian relationship. although there is such a thing as butch and femme partnership. there are some who prefers that kind of relationship but there can also be butch to butch and femme to femme. but then... fuck the labels.