Ring 0

this is the 1st Ring ive watched [thanks to video city] and when the movie ended, my cousin and i were left with our mouth hanging open. we expected too much. we expected a lot of freaky scenes... but we didnt get enough. Ring 0 focuses more on the life of Yamamura Sadako and is therefore much more like a tragic movie.

most of the film is set in the 1960's, when Yamamura Sadako [Nakama Yukie] is roughly in her late teens. After the suicide of her mother shizuko [Masako], Sadako was raised by Ikuma Heihachiro [Daisuke Ban], but by this time, she has left her home and moved to Tokyo in order to join a professional drama troupe as an apprentice. this was a move partly encouraged by the doctor provided for her by Ikuma, who has been treating her for "psychogenic disorders" and "hallucinations" - he believes that acting can help Sadako to forget about her mental trauma caused by her mother's horrible ruination by the press and subsequent death.

However, after Sadako has been working with the troupe for a little while, many of the other actresses begin to experience disturbing dreams of empty houses and wells, and two in particular - Kaoru [Takahata Junko] and Aiko [Okunuki Kaoru] - are also troubled by strange shadows and shapes they see around Sadako whenever she walks by. From these odd occurrences, a new tension forms in the theatre company, and most of the members grow to fear and distrust Sadako right from the outset, even though none of them know her ghastly background.

During an ill-fated rehearsal of the company's latest play, written by the director Shigemori [Wakamatsu Takeshi], Aiko, who is playing the lead female role, sees a vision of a little girl in white walking towards her, which no-one else can see. At the same time, a horrible, inexplicable squealing noise comes through the reel-to-reel tape recorder of the company's soundman, T˘yama [Seiichi Tanabe]. this is an early version of the video curse, long before videotapes were ever invented. Just a few minutes after this strange event, Aiko is found dead in her chair from unknown causes, her face contorted in a silent scream.

Of course, this makes the troupe even more uneasy about Sadako's presence in the company, which isn't really helped when Shigemori decides to cast Sadako in the lead female role in Aiko's place. This annoys Etsuko [Kumiko Aso], T˘yama's girlfriend, who was the next in line to play the part; but she's already pretty annoyed about the fact that T˘yama and Sadako seem to be getting romantically involved.

Later that evening, whilst sitting backstage and altering the white Victorian costume Sadako will wear in her role, Etsuko also experiences a frightening vision of a small girl walking past her, and fears for her life. When she comes round, she discovers Sadako hiding in the wings, holding the dress she had just been repairing. She accuses her of killing Aiko and threatening her as well; Sadako denies, and tells both Etsuko and T˘yama that she sometimes doesn't remember doing things. She also says that she is constantly followed by evil spirits, a factor that will reveal a great deal later on…

In the meantime, unbeknownst to Sadako, a journalist called Miyaji [Tanako Yoshika] whose fiancÚ was the reporter killed by Sadako at Shizuko's public ESP demonstration, is investigating her, supposedly in order to write an article about her, but in reality, seeking vengeance for her lover's murder.

As a result, things can only get worse for Sadako: Miyaji is not far behind, and now Etsuko is also beginning to search for clues about her, stealing her file from the company records and visiting her doctor. Miyaji eventually tracks Sadako down to the troupe, and joins forces with Etsuko and Kaoru to destroy Sadako… and everything really kicks off at the opening night of the play, with some surprise guest appearances onstage, due to a tape recording.

hmm... Ring 0 is the sequel that sheds light on the death of Yamamura Sadako. so kung mejo nahihiwagaan ka sa pagkamatay nya, panoorin mo to...