Ring 1

the ever so popular japanese movie...

the film begins with two teenagers, tomoko [Yuko Takeuchi] and masami [Hitomi Sato], talking about a popular urban legend: a boy in the Izu peninsula tried to videotape a late-night film on a Tokyo channel, but that channel didn't work in Izu. However, there was something on the tape; strange, seemingly disconnected images and a "scary woman" telling him that he would die a week after he had watched the tape. pero as usual, gaya ng ibang mga urban legends, walang may kilala talaga na nakakita dun sa sinasabing video pero lahat merong kilala na kaibigan nila na may kaibigan na pinsan ng kaibigan nung kaibigan ng kapitbahay nila [hehe...] na napanood yung video na yon. not long after their discussion, tomoko was found dead by her mother inside her closet and masami, who was present when tomoko died, was admitted to a secured mental facility.

tomoko's aunt, a single mother and reporter named asakawa reiko [Matsushima Nanako], is actually doing a report for TV about the popularity of the video curse myth, and becomes suspicious about tomoko's death in light of the fact that her three friends died at exactly the same time. she decides to investigate what happened to the teenagers, and eventually discovers that all four of them stayed in a resort in Izu, and there they found a strange video which they all watched together… after finding and watching the same copy of the video, Reiko has now become cursed, and with the aid of her ex-husband takayama ryuji [Sanada Hiroyuki] she tries to find out how to break the curse of the terrible death sentence hanging over herself, her ex-husband, and also her young son yoichi [Rikiya Otaka].

its better kung mapapanood lahat ng sequel ng Ring lalo na kapag naguguluhan ka sa mga bagay-bagay sa iyong buhay [tawagan mo kaibigan ko, 531-9001]. Actually The Ring sequels boasts a good story. Its not just a movie trying to scare people. may puso, may storya. thats what makes the ring movies great.