Wishing Stairs | Yeogo Goedam 3 | Whispering Corridors 3

korean. the third sequel to Whispering Corridors and Memento Mori. the story is weak, frankly said. but there are still ways to appreciate it.

like the rest of its sequel, it sets in an all girls-school where we will be introduced to bestfriends Ji-Seong [Song Ji-Hyo] and So-Hie [PARK Han-Byeol]. this two bestfriends friendship and characters is very much under-developed. wala mashadong emotional basis... blah. its hard to sympathize with the story because of its lack of emotion. Anyway, the two of them loves ballet. So-Hie is the prettier one. She came from a well-off family and her future is ensured. However Ji-Seong is a struggling student with an indefinite future. Their so-called friendship was stained with jealousy when a ballet competition where the winner will get a scholarship in a russian ballet school was announced. So-Hie is the best ballet dancer in their school therefore, Ji-Seong, no matter how high her ambition is, doesnt stand a chance to win over her bestfriend.

After hearing from Hye-Ju [An Jo] that her wish came true, Ji-Seong seeks salvation on the Wishing Stairs that was located sa likod ng dorm ng school kung saan sya nakatira. the rumor was when you want something bad enough, you go to the wishing stairs. count from the first step till you reach the top. originally, the stairs only have 28 steps. if the 29th step appears, make a wish and your wish will come true... whatever it may be. So eion... shempre naki-akyat din si Ji-Seong! Yun na nga lang, it resulted to the accident of So-Hie. So-Hie fell from the stairs one day while she tries to beg Ji-Seong to not leave her. hoooookeeeeeeeeyyy... its fishy, i know. yeah... then after sometime along the movie, So-Hie commits suicide dahil according to her "Its better to die when the person you love leaves you." again, she didnt die because of the wish that Ji-Seong made.

sa totoo lang, i think the relationship between the two girls isnt just friendship. maybe it is like that kaso they decided to not elaborate on it much to avoid the situation that Memento Mori got into. heeeeniweeeeiiii, lets go back to the the synopsis...

Hye-Ju's character takes place. actually, the story owes a lot to Hye-Ju dahil if it wasnt for her wish, the whole story wouldnt be spicy [not that it is...]. yeah so, Hye-Ju wishes So-Hie to return from the dead. kaya ang nangyari, So-Hie possesed Hye-Ju para habulin si Ji-Seong sa madidilim na hallways. oh and you'll mostlikely, at one point ask why Ji-Seong is so stupid as she keeps on running around the dark premises of the school.

predictable, weak story and under-developed characters... but its better than watching an equal predictable, weak story and under-developed characters of a western 'horror' flick.