Yea, that is my name, Minette Presco-Rivera  I created this website as a way of saying "THANKS" to the people who have been part of my life, who have given me so much joy, my family, friends and of course to my beloved husband.
(KAKATATS BA??? hehe)

You will also see some photo albums of our gimiks, parties and other stuff.

mY LoVe
what's behind my name???

Your first name of Minette has given you a quick, analytical mind. You are creative, versatile, and imaginative. However, independence, positivity and the urge for action and progress are such strong forces in your nature that you find it difficult to control them. You feel happy as long as headway is being made, but as soon as you are obstructed or your individuality and freedom of action are restricted, you experience an intense nervous reaction. Moods of depression can result during which you become caustic and belligerent in your attitude toward everyone, especially to those in closest association with you. Routine, monotony, and the responsibility of looking after details can have a similar effect on you, as you are a person who desires change, travel, and new experiences. In order to gain greater congeniality in your personal associations, you need to cultivate a more relaxed manner, greater generosity, understanding,
and tolerance, and, above all, you need to avoid being too outspoken and self-opinionated.
mY fAmiLy
mY fRiEnDs
M  i  N  e  T  t  E
I am a fun-loving person, talkative, friendly  (once I get comfortable), loves to laugh a lot and kikay na rin. But once you you get to know me (in a different level...hehehe), you will see the other side of me. I am a very transparent person, you can see and feel if I am having a bad day, when I am very quiet, that means I need some space so better be good to me during those times (or else...hehehe). When someone is not having a good day, I try to make sure that I am there to help them if they need me (especially my friends), very trustworthy. Believe it or not, I CAN REALLY BE SERIOUS (when needed...hahahaha).

I love dancing, acting and even singing. When I am very  happy, depressed, inspired (or when I am on my extreme moods), I write a lot (poems or whatever). I rarely share what I feel to others (but wait, there is an exception here, my husband, he really knows when I am not in a good mood). So I often write what I feel or what I think.
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