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P. Diddy/Bad Boy..I need a girl part II. .

Nelly..Kelly Rowland...Dilemma

Eminem.. Halie`s song..

Eminem...Till I collapse...

Snoop Dogg feat. Tyrese..Just a baby boy..

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"Let`s hope he isn`t so dumb as he looks like"

Fidel Castro after George W. Bush jr. was elected US president

This is some samples of what I have made of programming langauge, as you see it ain`t that impressive...

World Cup JavaQuiz

Give my JavaScript a chocolate

Test my JavaScript multiplication table

I know that these samples are simple, very simple, so simple that a child can compile it blindfold. But more complex stuff will come when I get the time...

Is the world going over ?

- Bali terror attack
- Moscow theatre hostage
- Al-Qaida on the rebound, American diplomat and military people attacked...

"There is enough in the world to everyones need, but not to everyones greed."

"An eye for eye makes the whole world blind"

Mahatma Gandhi

After scientific research for a whole year the world funniest jokes were revealed. If you want a good laugh click into

The world's funniest jokes :

Are the jokes funny ? Judge for yourselves...

Some good web sites :

Kazaalite is a search engine for downloading music and movies which is built on the original version of Kazaa. The difference is that Kazaalite is totally free for spyware.


JavaScript created soccer action.

Oscar nominated, 2002, Audience winner at the Locarno Film Festival and award winner at the Bergen Film Festival in Norway.

LAGAAN, a Bollywood movie from India, though without the stupid characters from an ordinary Bollywood movie. Lagaan is about a village by name Champaner, in the 1890`s. Drought has struck the place, and they are in difficulties of paying the tax, which is called Lagaan. It`s then the Raja Puran Singh impose double tax on the farmers because he himself has been fined with a doubles tax by the British. The villagers complain, and it`s then the Captian of the district, Captian Russel ceases an opportunity to truly punish the villagers. He places a bet, if the villagers can beat the English is a game of cricket the tax will be cancelled for three years. But if they lose, they will have to pay triple tax - tiguna lagaan, which will starve them to death. Bhuvan, a young farmer played by Aamir Khan, accepts. But there is a problem...

The villagers doesn`t know how to play the game...

Welcome to LAGAAN - Once upon a time in India . . .

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