The Unorganized
Michigan Naval Militia
We are volunteer seamen and sailors.  Who are commited to protecting our seas and waterways, while protecting and defending the constitution of the united States of America.  We are always looking for few good men and women who can commit themselves to preserving the American way of life, especially during this time of terror. The first job of government is to protect the borders.    We as citizens must band together to protect our State and our Nation.  We must protect and defend the Great Lakes and her ports. To join the fleet or to contact us, please email us at .  We can use all of support and help we can get.  Currently we do not have a commander for this group. 

Commissioning Process

Navy Regulations 1775
This website will include information on seamanship, sailing, navigation, weather and other naval information.
The organized Michigan Naval Milita is over seen by the land forces, the Colonial Marines.  All appointment commissioning will go through Colonial Marines.  Please use the chain of command. Contact us first.  If you have a question you may contact the Colonial Marines at