Welcome to this web-site.

Its short history:

March 2000 found me in Darwin, Northern Territory. An opportunity arose to sail across the Timor sea to the island of Timor, about 250 nautical miles to the north-west.
The vessel was a small 27 feet pleasure yacht, equipped with many sustainable energy producing devices - solar panels, wind generator and a lot of car-batteries.

There were two of us (now that's a famous misquote!) - the captain, owner of the boat, and me, the crew.

Goal of the excursion was to have a look at this part of the world from a new perspective and experience first-handed the newly formed state of East Timor.

Hearing of our plans, the locals wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. Travellers, on the contrary, were really intrigued and on several occasions I was asked to document this voyage.

Well, this is it and here it is.

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