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In 2003 our original site, unusualkentucky.com, received an unprecedented amount of publicity and traffic thanks to coverage in USA Today, the Lexington Herald-Leader, weirdlinks.com, and Yahoo's Pick of the Day. Our bandwidth costs to support the intense traffic were too much to handle, and at the time I was too busy with my other projects to work on the site, so I shut it down at the peak of its fame.

A year later, the site sort-of returned here on Geocities, with a mixture of stripped-down old entries from the site on a randomly - and VERY sporadic - rotating basis.

In 2007, I was approached by Mark Moran of Weird US to do a Kentucky book based on the site's material for their state-by-state series of weirdness-exploration books. The book is finally out now in Spring 2008, and you can order it on Amazon by clicking here. This site is now moving on to its third incarnation - a daily blog format which should resolve all the bandwidth issues. View the new and improved Unusual Kentucky Blog and let us know which topics from the book and from the old site you'd like us to delve into next!

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New! This site is moving to a new format - The Unusual Kentucky Blog!

New! At long last, Jeffrey Scott Holland's new book Weird Kentucky is appearing on store shelves nationwide! Containing new and updated information on all your favorite Unusual Kentucky features and many more never before dealt with on this site, the book is approximately 256 pages and now available on Amazon!